Monday, May 08, 2006

My Muse Doesn't Know I'm Here

This is the blog of the writer G. K. Wuori - an opportunity for me to vent, orate, declaim, simmer, or just babble on about those things that are important to me without the intervention of editors, critics, or, most significantly, my muse. She doesn't know I'm here and, while she has served me well in writing and publishing two books and over sixty short stories, she is often such a demanding bitch as to be a bit stifling.

Here, I shall attempt to unstifle. Behold a small slug from one of my notebooks:

…getting connected to the world, so much a part of any artist’s sensibility, yet I often wonder what that means to the non-artist, to those who don’t necessarily have to view the entire run of physics and humanity as some part of their work. First, I suppose, are the headlines. Here is the world in 48 pt. type. Ya sees what ya sees and if it’s there, well, somebody must have thought it was true. Who am I to judge? Then there are the opinions of those who are close by, who have seen a different headline, watched a different television program (radio is pretty much out; no one listens to radio anymore with the intent of getting anything out of it – it’s simply filler for those moments that are empty. Note: NPR is the exception to this, but since NPR is about the only source on radio anymore for anything besides sawdust, it has become monolithic (and largely the stomping ground of the liberal left), a sole-source purveyor and, thus, not really to be trusted) – their words may be more or less critically or uncritically acceptable. A view arises, a lifetime completes itself. As J.S. Mill once said, too much thought makes you sick.

Of course I don't really know what that means, either, but it'll be fun to say things here in ways I couldn't in a more formal essay. I like it, though. You have to like what you write or else what's the point?
Please be forgiving - this is the very first entry of my very first blog so I sit humbled in my amateurishness. But it'll get better. I promise. May 8, 2006


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