Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Found Letter

I found this letter on the street one day while I was taking a walk. Other than changing the names, it is here unedited.

Sept. 2, 2006


Hey babe what’s goin on? So how is school and everything at home going for you? I hope everything is going good for you at home and I hope your not fuckin up in school cause if you are then once I get out your gonna be doin your homework or I’m not gonna take you out until all your shit at home and school is done! I’m doing alright could be a hell of a lot better though, but I’ll be happy once they take me off this lockdown shit! Man I can’t wait to get out of this fuckin hell hole an come home ya know, but I guess I just have to sit back chill out and do my time! If I would’ve known I had court I would have went so I don’t have to deal with this bullshit all over again, but I got no one to blame but me plus if I wasn’t such a fuck up then I wouldn’t be goin through this ya know. So what’s the deal with Celia and Kevin, have they went out yet or is she still blowin him off? My opinion they’d be good together an all but cause she be around Cassie so much that she’d try to change Kevin just like Jeannie tried to change me. An if I know Kevin he’s like me and that shit won’t fly at all cause if a female can’t accept there spouse for who and what they’re about an stand for then they shouldn’t be together! An that’s another reason why were good for each other you accept me for who I am and your ok with my past an don’t listen to the bullshit people say about me. You’re their for me and don’t judge me for my fuck ups ya understand where I’m coming from? I just hope your as true and down for me as you say you are because I’ve already told you ur stuck with me till you leave me ‘cuz I’m not goin any where! The only part that I’m worried about is havin’ my heart and mind played with because I’ve had girls say “I love you I wanna be wit u 4 ever, I’ll never leave u or hurt u” and look what happened! I’m sayin if you ain’t ready for a long term relationship and ur not sure what you want tell me now before it get’s anymore serious than it already is, but if your as down and serious as you say you are then that’s kick ass an you’d be happy and treated like a Queen an you’ll never want to leave I promise! But anyways I’m goin to bed babygirl be good, be safe, stay outta trouble an listen to ur parents! See ya Soon Baby!

Love xoxoxoxoxox


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