Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Superdelegates: Here's A Supercandidate

Even though it’s a small bandwagon there is still plenty of room for anyone to hop aboard, even with their Sousaphone or cello.

Of course we all know I’m speaking of the Al Gore bandwagon. Mr. Gore, as politician, is suffering way too much anonymity and it’s time to bring him out of the closet. The Democratic Party needs him. The American people need him.

There has been some talk that, however the Clinton-Obama race turns out, all will be smiles, peace, harmony, and cooperation at the convention.

That seems doubtful. If nothing else, the bitter disputes between Clinton and Obama have given the Republicans much, much material to use in the general election. In addition, whether or not the Clinton and Obama camps could ever reconcile to work for the good of the party and the people is doubtful. Those egos are big and the hurts have been real.

So we need a middleman, what used to be called a dark horse candidate, someone who can bring the warring factions together; someone with experience, someone who can bring a likeable demeanor as counterpoint to the snarky, intemperate nastiness of John McCain.

I submit Al Gore because he can whoop the pants off of John McCain.


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