Friday, January 05, 2007

Some Guy

As historic days go, yesterday wasn’t bad.

Following last weekend’s syrupy goodbye to the mediocre Gerald Ford (his death a bit upstaged by the hanging of Saddam Hussein), we installed not only the 110th Congress, and not only a Congress that has wrested control from the nasty Republicans, but we also installed the first woman as Speaker of the House – Nancy Pelosi.

In celebration, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded a $6.19 gain.

A great deal of hope is riding on this congress – work needing to be done on the environment, Social Security, education, taxes, and a mighty reversal of so many destructive policies put into place since the First Bush took office.

Speaking of whom, it is said he will be going to the Congress soon to ask for a hundred billion dollars to finance his war with Iraq. It seems doubtful that even this congress will deny him what he needs, but it will be a lot like going up to your father and asking for your allowance right after getting caught with a doobie out behind the garage.

Perspective, though, let’s have a moment for perspective.

Last Tuesday, at work, my wife inquired of a secretary why there was no mail (a national holiday had been quickly declared in honor of Ford’s funeral).

“Some guy died,” she was told by the secretary.

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