Saturday, August 25, 2007


I pass this sign maybe three or four times a week. It’s only about a block from my home, and every time I pass it I wonder, What do they really mean?

As a generic statement, “pray for the unborn” is about like “pray for mankind.” There’s some thoughtful sentiment there but it doesn’t really mean anything. Unborn what might be the first question. Truly, there is much that has yet to be born; indeed, whole generations, entire countries, not to mention skunks and piglets and chipmunks and mourning doves.

Truly, were I a praying man, I might want some focus here. In fact, if what is intended here is pray the rosary for unborn human babies it might be a whole lot better were it stated that way. That cold “the unborn” does strike me as a bit curt.

On the other hand, if “pray the rosary for the unborn” simply means a sort of general hope, that all who are yet to be have a good life, a fun and prosperous life, then I guess I can get into it although it feels a bit empty – kind of like looking at a globe of the world slowly turning and saying, “I hope the crops are good.”

Naïve writer, you say, It means pray the rosary for unborn human babies who are under threat of abortion.
Personally, I don’t know any pregnant women who are considering an abortion, nor, I suspect, do many, if any, members of this church. So, again, it’s a little hard figuring out just who or what I should direct my prayer time toward. Might be a whole lot better to say Pray the rosary for Sally Schwartz’s unborn baby because she’s considering an abortion. Or better still: Pray the rosary for Billy Jones who Father Smith is considering blowing today. Of course those sentiments would raise all sorts of privacy and liability issues and the Catholic Church has about had its fill of those in recent years.

I like empty sentiments. It’s kind of like telling someone to have a nice day. Much better than saying, Thanks for your business and I hate your fucking guts.

Oh, and don’t forget to call David about the football raffle. Money is needed, you know – legal fees and all of that.


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