Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We are a behemoth, the rhinoceros in the Port-a-John, so turning around is not easy.

But America is turning around.

The Commission On Getting Us Out Of This Fucking Mess headed by James Baker is issuing its report this week. The First Bush is already giving it a polite cold shoulder, but it’s coming out and the country will read it and find in it all manner of reasons why we should be making war on Finland, Fiji, France, or Bangladesh – anywhere but in Iraq.

All the generals now are working hard to cover their collective asses with some urging that we stay the course, others suggesting they were inadequately supplied to accomplish murky goals. White House staffers, hoping not to be too poisonous to the next administration, are all singing a chorus of I never said that.

The big rumor right now is that the First Bush will fire the First Cheney and then appoint Arizona Senator John McCain to succeed him – thus giving McCain’s presidential hopes a boost two years from now since he could run as an incumbent.

This is all going to be incredibly messy and incredibly tragic. Neither a Shiite nor a Sunni label will protect the average Iraqi from the carnage that will follow.

We really ought not to do this kind of thing again