Saturday, September 15, 2007

National Egg Whites

This week we had a great whipping of the national egg whites. A marvelous froth came to be, a mountain of alabaster – except that biting into it you discovered it was all air that began to collapse pretty quickly.

Essentially, General Petraeus, stoutly affirming that he is his own man and speaks only for himself, said we must keep on keeping on in Iraq. Then the White House pops in with, My, isn’t that a good idea.

There is talk that the 180,000 troop force might be reduced by five or six-thousand by Christmas, with maybe another thirty-thousand to come home by next summer (which latter phrase you must always translate: before the election). This, then, would leave us with basically the same number of troops there as before the troop increase of last Spring.

On the domestic front, O.J. Simpson is being questioned as to his possible involvement in a robbery in Las Vegas. Most likely he is still smarting from the way in which the Goldman family robbed him of his book through the courts and is now publishing it – If I Did It. Supposedly, all profits from the book will benefit peace, justice, and the American Way, but all in all it’s a shameful spectacle.

Right now and locally the rain has been turned off for a couple of weeks now which allows the corn to dry decently before harvest. A record crop is predicted which, once it’s turned into ethanol, will allow us to continue to stoke our fetish for the internal combustion engine.

Meanwhile, protests have been raised against a wind farm just south of here in Lee County. Seems some folks think it will be ugly. Such folks, apparently, haven’t looked at the air they breathe under a microscope lately.

A priest, a rabbi, and an imam walk into a bar carrying a gallon of oil and a bushel of corn. The priest says to the bartender ….

(from, Cherub: An Iraqi War Diary, by G. K. Wuori, © 2007)